Established 1982 in Traverse City, Michigan
Janco International, Inc.

Aerial Photo of Traverse City
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Janco International is located in Traverse City which is in Northwest Upper Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan, just a few miles south of the 45th parallel. Being surrounded by this vast body of water, our temperatures are moderate compared to other areas in this latitude. Our winters average between 80 and 90 inches of snowfall, and our summers are normally cool, about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Traverse City's population is about 15,000 year around, and swells to nearly 100,000 during the summer months, as our main industry is tourism.

Traverse City is the cherry capital of the world. 80% of all cherries are grown in the United States, and 70 to 75% of those are grown in Traverse City. Both sweet and tart cherries are harvested and exported all over the world.

In the photograph above, looking north, the Old Mission Peninsula jutting between the East and West bays of Grand Traverse Bay measures 15 miles from base to tip. Many cherry orchards and vineyards are located on this peninsula. Deep Water Point, which is located near the end of the peninsula in East Bay, is 605 feet (184 meters) deep, the second deepest location in Lake Michigan.

Grand Traverse Bay

Maximum Length
32 Mi (51.5 Km)
Maximum Width
10 Mi (16 Km)
Maximum Depth
605 Feet (184.4 Meters)
Average Depth
180 Feet (54.86 Meters)
Shorline Length
132 Miles (214.4 Km)
Surface Area
277 Sq. Miles (717.4 Sq. Km)
8.97 Cu. Miles (14.44 Cu. Km)
Watershed Size
973 Sq. Miles (2,520 Sq. Km)
Elevation (Average
579 Feet (211 Meters) Above Sea Level
Record High Level
582 Feet ( 212 Meters) Above Sea Level (1986)
Record Low Level
575 Feet Above Sea Level (1974)
30 Species


Who We Are

Janco International provides point-of-sale software to the undercar industry. Our product, StockTrac®, is currently installed in hundreds of undercar shops throughout North America. It is used by Independent as well as franchised shops such as Midas, Tuffy, Exhaust Pro, Lentz USA, Merlin, CarX, Speedy, Minute Muffler, etc. For more information about StockTrac®, see the Product Information hot link on our home page.

Historical Information

Janco International was founded in 1981 by Jan & Karen White. Mr. White was approached by a national franchise muffler shop owner who was interested in putting a Radio Shack computer in his shop, but wasn't able to find any software to do what he wanted to do. After about a year, StockTrac® was developed and installed on a Radio Shack Model II computer which used two 8" floppy drives for storage (about 500k each). Later, when Radio Shack released their 8 megabyte hard drive (about the size of today's desktop PC!) it was enhanced and ported to run under the CP/M and MP/M operating system.

Later the software was modified to run on TeleVideo and Kaypro Equipment, again under CP/M, and when the IBM PC was introduced in 1984, it was again modified to run in a MS-DOS and Novell Netware environments on all types of IBM compatibles such as Kaypro, TeleVideo, Radio Shack (Tandy), NorthStar, Vector Graphics, Texas Instruments, etc.

StockTrac® was the first point-of-sale computer software developed specifically for the undercar market. StockTrac® currently runs either stand-alone, or in a Windows 32/64 bit network supporting multiple users and can share resources such as DVD's, CD-ROMs and printers. A number of customers are also running StockTrac® in a thin-client environment using the latest Windows Server release with multiple Windows clients at multiple locations.

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