Established 1982 in Traverse City, Michigan
Janco International, Inc.

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From the First to the Best

Janco International Inc., established in 1982, was the first to introduce a computerized Professional Shop Management System to the Undercar industry. Janco has grown to be one of the largest providers in North America. With our high standards, aggressive pricing and legendary customer service, we have proven to be the best in the industry. Automotive Shop Management Software systems are our sole business.


We've integrated our Point-Of-Sale with many third-party solutions such as QuickBooks, Wrenchead NexPart and Wrenchead Allparts, ComData (Fleet Services), Mitchell, AllData, Activant, X-Charge, Autozone, Real-Time Labor Guides, IAP Ordering, NAPA Online Catalog and Ordering, OpenWebs, CARFAX, CarQuest, etc. We have also partnered with a number of CRM companies such as CustomerLink, One-To-One, Epsilon, Bluewater, MailMark and others to electronically provide them with your customer information for customer retention. And, we're adding more each day as more and more companies leverage the World Wide Web to provide products and services.

Catalogs and Pricing

Over the past 30+ years Janco has established relationships with hundreds of different parts vendors in the U.S. and Canada such as AP Exhaust, Uniselect, AutoTec, Bando, Bendix, Catco, DynoMax, Eastern Catalytic, Gabriel, Imco, Maremont, Mighty, Monroe, Moog, Raybestos, Valvoline, Purolator, Wagner, Walker, Stonewheel, U.S. AutoForce, NAPA, Autozone, Auto Group Canada, O’Reilly, and many others. In addition to the standard industry catalogs, Janco can provide you with electronic pricing from all the major players in the industry.  And, we're the only software provider that will partner with your local vendors as well.  We'll work with your local distributors and jobbers to provide you with your pricing right to your computer desktop directly from our FTP servers. We'll even email you new price notifications so that you know when they're available. You'll have the peace of mind knowing that all your prices are up to date and it also eliminates the drudgery of entering hundreds of part prices by hand.  This makes you more competitive and directly impacts your bottom line.

Our Pricing Is Always the Best

Janco’s price strategy is very simple. We want to provide the highest quality products, backed by the fastest service and support at the most aggressive prices possible. You owe it to yourself to get a quote from Janco today. Of the top-level systems available on the market, you will find StockTrac® Shop Management Software from Janco International has the best “Cost to Value” ratio of any available system. Our systems typically pay for themselves in a short 6 months. Sometimes less!

Most shop owners are worried about getting the support they need as they change the way they do business. The best way to deal with this is to buy a reliable, powerful shop management system backed by a full thirty-day, money-back guarantee (call for full details) from a company you can trust. That’s exactly why Janco International Inc. has been around for 30+ years.  All Products and Support from Janco feature the latest in advances in database technology at the minimum cost. Ask us about our competitive upgrade pricing!

Fast and Consistent Customer Service

Due to the temperamental characteristics of all computers, on occasion a system will need to be serviced. This can really become an important issue if you purchased a shop management system from a vendor that is not able to perform efficient customer support. This is another area where Janco International excels. Just ask our customers! You will learn that we provide prompt courteous service to hundreds of customers worldwide. With Technical Support available Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. (EST), help is just a toll-free telephone call away.

Janco International’s highly skilled Technical Support Staff is dedicated to providing the best support in the industry. If your system should crash, so does your ability to generate Estimates and Invoices. That’s why we answer 98% of our customers' questions on the first call!  Callbacks, if necessary, are 10 minutes or less and always on the same day.. That's unprecedented in the software industry! Many software providers don't even return the call the same day! That’s just not good enough.

Cutting Edge Technology

Unlike our competitor’s software, most of which are authored in Visual Basic and Access, StockTrac® is written entirely in C++ with an integrated SQL component database. A commercial C++ authored application provides the performance, scalability and reliability that just can’t be achieved using prototyping languages such as Visual Basic, Access, Dbase or similar platforms. StockTrac® can be installed and configured for Client / Server, multi-terminal, multi-store locations, thin-client and it can provide back office functionality such as consolidated ordering and Accounts Receivable.


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