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Is SpaceDock online backup right for your business?

  • Would you suffer financial hardship if you lost your data?
  • Are you curently spending too much time and money on manual backup solutions?
  • Would you benefit from a self-executing automated backup system?
  • Is the security of data a concern?
  • Would a professionally monitored off-site backup further ease your fear of data loss?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you need SpaceDock online backup. Securely storing a copy offsite is imperative and answering these questions honestly will help determine your risk. We can help determine the best course of action to affordably mitigate those risks.

Janco International has partnered with Gillware Data Services, an industry leader in providing off-site backup services to businesses throughout North America. By utilizing their cutting-edge, encrypted backup software along with Janco's technical expertise, we developed SpaceDock to provide the following services for your automatic and secure off-site business data backup:

  • Assist you in the installation of your SpaceDock software
  • Configure the software for the optimum backup schedule for your business operations and verify that all of your important StockTrac® data is backed up.
  • Monitor your backups on a weekly basis to ensure all critical files and data are being backed up properly.
  • Assist your business in restoring critical data from SpaceDock offsite backups to a new computer or new storage device in the event of a computer failure or installation of a new PC. We'll also reconfigure your network computers, printers, switches and modems if needed.

With pricing starting as low as $9.99 per month (billed to your Janco Account), now would be a great time to get the peace-of-mind knowing that your important business information is being backed up off site.




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