Established 1982 in Traverse City, Michigan
Janco International, Inc.

Over a Century of StockTrac® Product Knowledge!

One of the most experienced staff in our industry is only a phone call away. Many of our staff members have been with Janco for nearly twenty years and the average for all employees is over twelve years. Janco has been providing our "Legendary Technical Support" since 1982. We answer 98% of our technical support calls on the first call, and call-backs, when necessary, are normally less than ten minutes.

  • Al - Lead Programmer
  • Andy - Technical Support
  • David - Technical Support
  • Jim - Technical Support
  • Jan-Michael - Sales and Marketing
  • Jan - Founder
  • Kevin - Programmer
  • Linda - Exec VP - Operations
  • Sandy - Accounting
  • Shawn - Technical Support - Network Administrator
  • Terri - Vendor Pricing Coordinator
  • Dave Parks
    In memory of David W. Parks - 1950 - 2007 - Dave was not only Janco's first employee hired in 1982, he was instrumental in the early development of StockTrac. Dave worked nearly right up to the time of his death due to cancer on October 24, 2007. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
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