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What is TireTrac?

It’s a unique combination of Tire Fitment information (licensed from Mitchell 1) and a Tire Brand database that will display part numbers, pricing, as well as features & benefits for the appropriate tires needed for the vehicle you have chosen. Tire Brands is a updated database just released that contains more than 17,800 tire part numbers. These part numbers can also be added to your inventory file so you can track your histories, generate orders, and monitor your profit margins. Nobody else in the industry has combined these two sets of data for such a comprehensive look at tires!

Fitment information will be retrieved automatically based on the make, model and year on the Estimate

You can look up a vehicle and find the correct tires for that car. You can then look at all the fitment information for the selected vehicle. Once you have selected the tire you would like to add to your invoice or estimate, click on Tire details and see the following Features and Benefits for that particular tire. This will help you sell different types of tires to your customers by letting you see what the special features are.

The Features and Benefits display provides comprehensive informaiton for you and your customers


Fitment information can be quickly displayed by clicking on the Fitment tab

Also, you will have the ability to look up tires by size. After seeing all the tires in your inventory file for a certain size, you can quickly check which ones you have in stock and then click on the tire details to find the information you need to sell the tires that you have!

Search for tires by size

Simply double-click on those tires you have in stock and they will be instantly added to your Estimate.

If you sell a lot of tires, you won't find a more comprehensive, accurate or faster way of moving them out the door! For more information on licensing TireTrac just give us a call or drop us an email us at

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