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The documents that we use for our training manual are available here so you can print them out and put them in a three-ring binder. The manual pages consist of a table-of-contents and fifteen chapters. One of the chapters is titled Franchise. These are documents that are unique to specific franchise operating procedures and can be downloaded from their respective resouce pages which can be found by taking the Franchise Resource option on the main menu. Just click on the document that you want to download and the PDF file will be opened in a new browser window using Adobe Reader. If you don't have Adobe Reader installed you can click here to link to Adobe's web page to install the latest reader.

Once the documents are opened in Adobe Reader you can print them by taking the print option within Adobe, or you can save the chapters, again using the options within Adobe, either to your Desktop, or in another folder and print them at a more convenient time..

When selecting a Chapter Name to download, you will be prompted for your Username and Password. Once you have entered it for the first document you shouldn't be prompted to enter it again to download subsequent documents. If you experience any problems logging on, downloading or printing any of the chapters, please call our Technical Support Department for assistance. 1.800.782.5872 U.S. or 1.800.323.5872 in Canada.

Chapter # Chapter Name Revision Date # Pages
N/A Table of Contents 12-04-09 10
1 Employees 12-01-09 19
2 Sales 12--01-09 16
3 Accounts Receivable 12-01-09 31
4 Vendor Tracking 12-01-09 10
5 StockTrac® Configuration 12-01-09 38
6 Customers 12-01-09 25
7 Inventory 12-01-09 59
8 Point-Of -Sale 12-01-09 99
9 Security 12-01-09 5
10 Backing Up 12-01-09 6
11 Standard Catalogs 12-01-09 11
12 StockTrac®Utilities 12-01-09 2
  Activant 12-01-09 6
  Carfax 12-01-09 5
  CustomerLink 12-01-09 3
  NAPA Online Ordering 12-01-09 6
  NexPart Ordering 12-01-09 8
  QuickBooks 12-01-09 4
  Janco International Website Information 12-01-09 2
  XCharge 12-01-09 5

To download franchice-specific chapters select the Franchise Resource Option from the main menu

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