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Total Shop Management Software

Holiday Hours

Hours will remain normal for Valentines day

Version 3.6 is out!

Read news about what makes version 3.6 the best yet. If you don't have it installed and want it just give us a call and we can get you on the latest and greatest StockTrac version today

Introducing - MVConnect

MVConnect is a hub for all your vendors, that's why we called it Multi-Vendor Connect. Pricing, availability, and smart integrations allow ease of ordering on a level you've never experienced.


If your shop deals with tires you know the struggles of keeping everything together and understanding registration/fitment/etc. Let us do that work for you with TireTools. Tire registration, Tire lookup, TPMS info, and Tire Size. Everything you need for tires in one place

Training when you need it

We want you to get the most out of your software just as much as you do. We also understand how challenging it can be to remember everything that StockTrac can do. Call us, email us, or send a carrier pigeon with a topic or module you want more training on and we will arrange something free of charge as long as you are on a support plan!

Need Help?

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New Features

Some of our customers' most asked for features are now available in StockTrac! 


Modern day tire management system offering DOT code checks, tire registration, recall notifications, and more!


Mobile inspections allowing your techs to service your customers quickly and efficiently

Text Messaging

Contact your customers how they want to be contacted. Quick and easy text messaging


See the parts all your vendors have available in one easy screen. Speed up your quote time!

Why our customers love us

Intuitive Screens

Our goal when designing screens is to make them flow well and obvious to the user where to go next to get your quote ready as quickly as possible.  End result is most new users are very comfortable with the system after only a day or two!

Technical Support

We answer 80% of incoming calls and average wait for a return call for those not answered is 5 minutes so help is always readily available to you including evenings and Saturdays.  Support is not limited to just StockTrac questions, we will assist you in any way we can when it comes to your computer system.

Stability and Depth

Our program has been around for over 40 years and is constantly evolving.  The depth of functionality in it is huge, but it is designed in a way you can learn each piece when you are ready.  But most importantly to you, you stay up and running to keep your business going!


Extensive set of reports to help you analyze your shop and your sales, including our Profitability module to help find those areas you need to work on to hit your goals.  Reports can also be exported to spreadsheets for further evaluation or emailed to you automatically at end of day.


StockTrac is all that we do here, our only product.  That means when there are concerns or needs, we are ready to react.  Our goal is to take care of you, our loyal customers in any way we can!

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