How can I contact my customers while using StockTrac?

With our SMS Texting integration, you can send and receive text messages to your customers to let them know their car is ready for pickup and get approval to preform work from estimates. You can also create pre-defined text templates which streamlines the process making it quick and easy.

In addition StockTrac will integrate directly with your email server. You can email estimates, invoices, and even reports directly from StockTrac.

Does StockTrac support electronic vehicle inspections?

With our InSpec Tablet app you can create custom electronic inspection forms which can include pictures, detailed notes and can be emailed directly to the customer from StockTrac.

Is there an easy way to see previously recommended services when a customer comes back in?

With a click of the mouse you can see all of the previously recommended work that has been declined by the customer. You can also customize how long these declined services stay in the customers file.

How can I use StockTrac if I sell/deal with a lot of tires?

StockTrac integrates with several major tire suppliers. Also, we have recently released our suite of Tire Tools which includes:

Tire Registration Plus – Registers Tire DOT numbers and checks for recalls.

TPMS Manager – TPMS parts and service data with troubleshooting live support.  

TireTrac – Complete tire fitment guide with tire part numbers, images, and specifications

TireSize - Tire Fitment guide